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What is the truth about electronic cigarettes?

Forget Flowers! Give Mom a Smoke Free Mothers Day this Year

This Mother's Day I won't be needing any of the classic flowers or candy or gifts of any kind. There won't be any walks in the park, no banquet meals of mom's favorite food shared around the family table, no hand print poems, songs or Happy Mother's Day banners hung across the door at my house. For me, mother's day means one thing: a trip to the cemetary.

You see in August of 2001, almost 10 years ago now, I lost my mother to COPD, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, a disease most usually caused by cigarette smoke. Notice I say "smoke" and not "smoking" because nicotine, the substance her body was addicted to, didn't kill my mom, rather it was the smoke from the burning tobacco she used to get her nicotine that did. And you don't have to smoke to get COPD or it's counterpart, chronic bronchitis which I suffered from as a child from living in a small house with a pack a day smoking mom.

Eventually, all that tar and smoke and the thousands of toxic chemicals it contains clogged her lungs, her arteries, and her heart until finally they just gave out.

ProSmoke Review: the Best Ecig on the Market

I was intrigued by e-cigs after seeing a blu advertisement. Before this I had been puffing on cigars occasionally for years, just out of love of the the tobacco aroma. Then a friend introduced me to clove cigarettes and told me to actually inhale a mouthful. I was overwhelmed by the relaxation and euphoria it brought. Especially after a big meal, it was the perfect after dinner mint. So I was smoking one premium Nat Sherman light once a day, but after a while I noticed I was coughing alot more during the day. So I decided to try an ecig to hopefully get the same sensations as smoking but without the carcinogens. I ordered the Prosmoke starter and both the battery and charger were defective, although customer service was quick to get me a replacement.


1. Construction:  An amazing amount of engineering went into this little device. To think that they had to have a tiny tube hold liquid, batteries, and a heating element and be able to manufacture it affordably... that's not an easy feat. Especially when li-ion batteries are being used to heat an element, yet not overheat themselves or blow up. And it must perform thousands of repetitions. And be durable enough to withstand drops and impact, being the small handheld device that it is. 5/5 Stars

South Beach Smokes!!!

Due to popular demand we've added South Beach Smoke to our list of electronic cigarette brands. People just keep telling me South Beach Smokes!!!

South Beach Smoke Logo ImageSouth Beach Smoke are truly becoming a very popular brand with some great reviews. They have a choice between a two piece and a three piece system, a Lifetime warranty, a 30 day money back guarantee and world wide shipping, making them a good option for just about anyone.

Their auto ship program also insures you never run out of cartridges while saving you an additional 30% off your monthly cart costs.

Take a look at South Beach Smoke and let us know what you think of them!

They were kind enough to send me a kit, so I'll be posting my thoughts here in a few days.

CO levels study may be used to oppose Hookah Bars

Now this is not really Electronic Cigarette related, but I just ran across this while doing some research at the American Journal of Preventative Medicine and it caught my eye as another example of science potentially being used for fear mongering when it comes to smoking.

First off, let me say CO is bad. I grew up on a busy street. At any given time during rush hour traffic we would have 40-50 cars idling in my front yard. At one point the gas man came to hook up our heater and said he couldn't because CO levels inside the house were too much, there must be something wrong with the heater. So he went outside to clear his detector. He found the CO levels OUTSIDE were higher, almost twice as high, then they were inside. And I can say without a doubt, when I moved out of that house into a more residential area, my health greatly improved.

We complained to the city many times and were always told "nothing we can do sir."

So, I'm no fan of CO. But i found this article "Carbon Monoxide Levels Among Patrons of Hookah Cafes" at the AJoPM and found it interesting. Here's the scoop:

Popularity of Electronic Cigarettes drives Fear

The other day I reported on a new study published in the American Journal of Preventative Medicine, "Tracking the Rise in Popularity of Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems ("Electronic Cigarettes") Using Search Query Surveillance" which showed that between 2008 and 2010 Internet searches for electronic cigarettes rapidly surpassed those for nicotine replacement therapies and for drugs like Chantix on the order of "several-hundred-fold". Now, for those of us in the know this is not really news, but it did get me to thinking about some things, particularly how the popularity of electronic cigarettes might be driving the increase in fear mongering and state level lobbying by anti smoking groups and drug companies.

Tracking the Rise in Popularity of Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems

"Tracking the Rise in Popularity of Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems", a recent study published February 8th in the American Journal of preventative Medicine, says people are searching the Internet for electronic cigarettes, or ENDS as they call them, at a far greater rate than nicotine replacement therapies and drugs like Chantix.

In the study, John W. Ayers, MA, Kurt M. Ribisl, PhD and John S. Brownstein, Phd monitored Google searches for electronic cigarettes between January 2008 and September of 2010 in Australia, Canada, the UK and the United States and found during that time ecig related searches grew to out number "several-hundred-fold" those for other smoking alternatives and drugs like Chantix and Champix.

FDA to start examining ingredients of cigarettes and tobacco products

Tobacco corporations must have all their products evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration in the next 10 weeks. A law passed in 2009 gives the Food and Drug Administration authority to regulate tobacco as a drug. The merchandise review is a provision required by that law. Tobacco products that have been altered or introduced since February 2007 must have their ingredients approved by the FDA to continue being sold. Otherwise they might be checking out installment loans in order to get their products accepted.

Regulation for tobacco funded by companies selling tobacco

In a move intended to rid the market of the most addictive tobacco products, tobacco companies must get FDA approval for products that have been launched or altered since Feb. 15, 2007. Tobacco companies have to prove to the Food and Drug Administration that all of the smokeless tobacco and cigarettes are, by March 22, "substantially equivalent to those marketed prior to that date." Tobacco companies must pay to fund the reviews and any resulting regulatory action. There is no need for smokers to have more health risks or encourage non-smokers to want to smoke even more. That means the FDA will ban the cigarettes that have tobacco product ingredient changes so much that they do this.

FDA files appeal in Ecigarette case .... again

In a not completely unforeseen move, the FDA has filed an appeal to the result of their appeal in the Sotera vs FDA Ecigarette case.

Earlier this month the US Court of Appeals upheld the earlier ruling that the FDA cannot regulate ecigarettes as drug delivery devices and instead must regulate them as tobacco products. Claiming that the three-judge panel's decision "rests on a clear error of law and will undermine" the intentions of Congress who gave the FDA jurisdiction over tobacco products in 2009, the FDA asks that the entire court of appeals for the district of Colombia hold a new hearing to review the appeal and reinstate a stay of the preliminary injunction barring them from seizing ecigarette imports pending that hearing.


Court of Appeals Rules Electronic Cigarettes Can Not Be Regulated as Drug Devices by FDA

The US Court of Appeals in Sottera Inc. v. Food & Drug Administration, 10- 5032, U.S. Court of Appeals, District of Columbia Circuit ruled today that the FDA lacks the authority to regulate electronic cigarettes as drug devices. This upholds a ruling made last year by Federal Court Judge Richard Leon in the original case brought by Smoking Everywhere which has since dropped out of the suit.

The FDA had argued that ecigarettes should be classified as drug devices, but the court said Ecigs can be regulated only as tobacco products under the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act which defines tobacco products as those "derived from tobacco" unless they are marketed as a therapeutic device, which reputable brands of electronic cigarettes are not.

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